Review: Father John Misty @ The Forum, Melbourne (10/12/15)

Father John Misty w/Cameron Avery
Thursday 10th of December, 2015 – The Forum, Melbourne

I Love You, Honeybear
Strange Encounter
True Affection
Only Son of the Ladiesman
When You’re Smiling and Astride Me
The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt.
I’m Writing a Novel
Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
Nancy From Now On
Bored in the USA
Nothing Good Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirsty Crow
This is Sally Hatchet
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Funtimes in Babylon
Holy Shit
The Ideal Husband
I Went to the Store One Day
Everyman Needs a Companion
Joshua Tillman aka Father John Misty took centre stage with his 35 dollar H&M suit pouring out confidence wrapped in smugness. He launches into the magnificent and beautiful ‘I Love You, Honeybear’.

Not only did Tillman bring humour and stage presence throughout the sold out show, but also showcased his studio quality vocals while delivering his rockstar persona. At one point of the night he through his guitar a few metres into the arms of a roadie – creating a epic scene of events.

The sarcastic tones are strong in his recent material, and he is certainly more entertaining without a guitar – freeing his hands for limitless hand gestures which bring more flavour to the satirical lyrics.

‘The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apt’ echoed a laughable smugness live and a very moving ‘Bored in the USA’ came as another highlight, even the fake applause from the record plays out live with cheers from the crowd. The lyrics highlight the modern existence in the USA as ironically FJM takes a fan’s mobile phone piles and films himself singing.
Tillman spots audience members who attended the previous evening, he remarked that he was aware of not wanting to repeat any onstage banter, claiming “I was on fire last night”. The fire was still burning though with his banter. Throughout the evening he mocked his Grammy nomination for “best packaging”. Questioning the crowd on how many have jumped on the bandwagon since the Grammy nomination. Later an audience members interjected with ‘we love you’, he replied “it’s only a nomination for best packaging — I’m not some kind of god.”

Much to my pleasure FJM performed every song from his critically acclaimed 2015 record. As we headed into the encore Tillman claimed that it was statistically impossible that back to back nights crowd want more. Instead of launching into a song, he opted for a 5 minute Q&A section with the crowd. Many interesting questions were asked, including “Where’s Your Wife” and “Why do you have comedy in your music”, replying to the latter Tillman said “It sells more merchandise, statistics show that the rate of sale is higher when a funny lyric is on a stage”.

Wrapping up the segment, Tillman told that crowd he would answer one more question – two questions were shouted at him, those being:
-Do You Like Buttplay?
-What’s Up With The Alterego?

Father John Misty opted to combine those questions into one question to form one answer and finished with closing line “Everyone likes a thumb up their butt – you wouldn’t hear that at a Taylor Swift”.

The night concluded the amazing and gentle ‘I Went to the Store One Day’ and ‘Everyman Needs a Companion’.

Rating: 10/10


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