Review: Hot Chip @ 170 Russell, Melbourne (24/01/2016)

Hot Chip w/Touch Sensitive
Sunday 24th of January, 2016 – 170 Russell, Melbourne

Huarache Lights
One Life Stand
Night & Day
Love is the Future
Over and Over
Easy to Get
Started Right
Need You Now
Ready for the Floor
I Feel Better
Look at Where We Are
And I Was a Boy From School
Let Me Be Him
Dancing in the Dark / All My Friends

On the back of one of 2015’s most under-appreciated albums ‘Why Make Sense?’, Hot Chip grace the Australian shores in support of the release. Judging by the sold out crowd tonight, we do know that at least 900 punters were quite fond of the latest effort from the UK electro band.

Huarache Lights hits and it becomes a slight struggle to put on those dancing shoes as we scramble for some dancing space. Initially there are a few issues with Joe Goddard’s vocals, but this eventually is fixed.

Things continue to get tight on the dancefloor (which leads the group in front of us to flee from the front section of the venue) as Alexis Taylor keeps smashing hit after hit, One Life Stand and Flutes deliver. The latter I completely forgot how great of song it is, the brilliant lead up to Alexis vocal finally hitting those jungle beat layers. Alexis and co sound brilliant live, but they do lack to connect at times and the “geek-cool” band come across as a shy young band – but it hardly deters the crowd from jumping around and having a blast.

The indie dancefloor classic Over and Over is sung in chorus, while the epic Need You Now captures endless energy from the fans. It is the combo of Ready For The Floor and I Feel Better which gives me the courage to leap away from our current spot on the dancefloor surrounded by anti-dancers and gravitate towards a few fellas dancing like it’s a long weekend…with the token guy with his top off of course.

The encore kicks off a little slower with the beautiful Look at Where We Are, followed by Let Me Be Him which really shines in a live performance. The last hurrah of the night is two covers intertwined, The Boss’ Dancing In The Dark mixed in with LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends and it works a treat, finishing off a superb night and a gig that will be hard to top for the remainder of 2016.
Rating: 9.5/10


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