Review: Amanda Palmer @ The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne (12/01/2017)

Amanda Palmer
Thursday 12th of January, 2016 – The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne


You would never think wearing only jeans and a tee would make you stand out, but there plenty of interesting outfits at the gig to make me look like a shining beacon.

Amanda Palmer has a residency at the Gaso in Collingwood for a couple of months and this was the first night…sold out as well!. During this time she is planning to pen and record a new record. These shows are used as a platform for new material to be tested and a no video-camera policy applies. Other than that, there is no plan for the night. Often Amanda would ask the crowd what to play.

At one point of the night Amanda confessed it was hard for her to write a song about her and her husband, so she wanted some stories about the audiences worst relationships – so she gave the crowd a pen and paper to write this down.

The American cabaret style singer-songwriter performed for about 2.5 hours and covered a lot of the Dresden Doll songs along with a few songs from her ‘Theatre Is Evil’ record including ‘The Killing Type’ and ‘Bed Song’. It was such an amazing raw performance with it just being Amanda on stage with only her ukulele and piano.

Rating: 8/10


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